Shanghai’s Yu Bar by Kokaistudios

If you’ll be visiting Shanghai, make sure to visit the Marriott Hotel’s new rooftop bar called Yu Bar. From design perspective it’s the place to be. It was designed by Chinese Kokai Studios. You’ll find more information about the Shanghai’s Yu Bar underneath the gallery. Enjoy!

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About Shanghai’s Yu Bar

An Elevated Experience: The Yu Bar’s Grandeur

Shanghai’s skyline welcomes the Yu Bar, the dazzling rooftop addition to the newly inaugurated Shanghai Marriott Luwan. Strategically perched on the 28th and 29th floors, it sits majestically on the Lupu River’s banks. Moreover, the large terrace grants guests unparalleled city vistas, including the iconic Expo 2010 site and the Lupu ridge.

The Masterminds Behind The Creation

The prestigious Greenland Group, one of China’s leading real estate developers, birthed this vision. Under Marriott Group’s management, Kokaistudios took the reins for both architectural and interior design. Their vision? Crafting a versatile venue that caters to myriad occasions. Spanning two levels, the bar presents a tapestry of moods, each backdrop illuminated by breathtaking views.

Blending Heritage with Modern Elegance

“Yu,” the bar’s moniker, encapsulates elegance and exclusivity in classical Chinese. The design elegantly interweaves this heritage with contemporary touches. It merges the charm of traditional Chinese aesthetics with Western allure. Guests, upon arrival, immediately encounter sleek wood blocks and a stainless steel ceiling, signaling Kokaistudios’ modern twist.

A Journey through Distinctive Spaces

Venturing further, the entrance reveals a corridor flanked by dark glass cabinets. Their dramatic lighting casts an entrancing ambiance. The VIP section beckons with ceiling-height windows, nostalgic chesterfield sofas draped in custom-designed red leather, and a striking stainless steel globe centerpiece. For privacy? Dim lights and sliding curtains ensure discretion.

Nautical Inspirations & Vintage Charm

The adjacent river and Shanghai’s shipping legacy inspire the U-shaped bar, adorned with thick steel cables and illuminated by blown glass lamps. Set apart by a dance floor, it provides panoramic views of drifting ships. Meanwhile, the black and white hexagonal mosaic bathroom exudes vintage chic combined with modernity.

The Pavilion: A Retreat in the Sky

A sleek staircase ushers guests to an effervescent, orange room inside a modern glass pavilion. Designed to monopolize the river’s finest vistas, it houses another bar and opulent white sofas. This bright, airy upper level contrasts with the subdued elegance below, evoking the sensation of riverboat lounging. Furthermore, the floor accommodates private events, complete with a full bar and kitchen.

Redefining Shanghai’s Nightlife

Kokaistudios champions a harmonious blend of materials, furniture, and lighting. As a result, the Yu Bar reshapes Shanghai’s guest experience. It caters to discerning visitors eager for novel experiences, amplified by impeccable service and a mesmerizing panorama.

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- by Matt Watts