Trillium by TOPOS Design Studio

Clean, Minimalist and luxurious apartment design by TOPOS Design Studio located in River Valley, Singapore.

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Description by TOPOS Design Studio

What was the creative drive behind the design? Design mood was based on a painting genre and colour palette.

Creating a symbiosis between the current state of the interior space and the one we are introducing to further complementing the space – to provide depth and to give the client space their own character and soul.

The Special features of this design

  • The ceiling height hidden sliding doors separate the kitchen and part of the bedrooms and serve as containment of noise and serves as a space divider between the private and public space for the owners and guests.
  • Large timber deck that bring the indoor living and patio together.
  • Fabric clad wall panels bespoke design for the living room TV console with lots of storage spaces behind the cabinet – flush door on the left side of the console wall hides the door accessing bedroom 4.
  • Master bed room TV cabinet wall has tons of hidden shelves and storage spaces both front and back and a mini walk in wardrobe.
  • Ceiling was bare before – hence false ceiling with trim less recess lighting, and white directional LED lighting in the black ceiling tunnels. All integrated with a specially design curtain pelmet (due to the nature of the apartment original full height glazed curtain wall window design layout)
  • The bespoke double art framed designed large beveled floor to ceiling dining room mirror adds depth to the space and offer deception to visitors upon entering from the main door.
  • Large master bath room art framed beveled mirror hides tons of storage behind 3 large mirror panels.
  • Master bed room King Size Bed veneer head board is future accentuated by Tom Dixon Beat Light pendant reading lamps complement and celebrate the king size bed (Main Feature is the specially selected bed).
  • Space in the study room is maximized using smaller chairs and a Air divider book shelves that is now placed on top of the marble ledge.
  • Outdoor furniture selections are based on colour, comfort and illusion of space without the cluster.

Colour and Furniture Tones

  • Various shades of White, Grey and Brown for the panel fabrics as well as the wall papers used throughout the house.
  • Furniture durability selection was based on how cat friendly it would be to the owners.
  • Selection of materials is in harmony with the rest of the house.
  • Marble used in the apartment is beige in tone and Café Marquina marble for the powder room with free standing wash basin.
  • Ambient lighting are used with dimmer control – functional.

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- by Matt Watts