Pankyo House by Office 53427

Stunning futuristic single family house by Office 53427 located just 30 minutes from the South Korea’s capital, Seoul.

Description by Office 53427

Pankyo house is a single family house for an ordinary young couple and their two sons. Despite that high-dense apartment is dominant living condition in Korea, the site is located in an recently developed area for single family housing. The area is 30 minutes from Seoul and site is one of 1500 empty plots in the area. Considering rapid transition from traditional house to high-dense apartment, various architectural try of this area will be test to nurture single family living culture. Of course, there should be strong engagement of dweller (user). Clients, mid-thirty aged parent of two little children, they were able to throw away social prejudices to achieve their desirable life style and space. Although there have been many conflicts with advices from their parent and neighbors, also with considering safety of children, all was the process to get the happiness of family.

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- by Matt Watts

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