House in Asamayama by Kidosaki Architects Studio

This stunning modern house designed by Kidosaki Architects Studio is located in Nagano, Japan. It’s a must-see!

Description by Kidosaki Architects Studio

The owner spent quite a few years for found this site, therefore my main concern was to link the beautiful vast sea of trees spread out to Mt. Asama (Asamayama in Japanese) with internal space.

First of all, we can enjoy a sea of trees from the approach deck to the entrance. When open the large door to the living room, Mt. Asama and the foot of it spread in picture window frame formed by the deep and low-height eaves. This scenery is the best part of the view. Furthermore, we designed bathroom to look Mt. Asama at the front when take a bath. A magnificent view of the Mt. Asama and sky seen from wide deck terrace is really amazing.

To be realized the most suitable view, we inspected relationship between Mt. Asama and a building, had confirmation and make amendment several times at each planning and construction stage.

Each of the design should have each of the story. I think a life will be dwelled in a house, when could tell the story of why did so and became so about every part of designed building.

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- by Matt Watts

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