HS House by Studio Arthur Casas

Stunning HS residence built by Studio Arthur Casas is located near São Paulo, Brazil.

Description by Studio Arthur Casas

This house was built in the countryside about one away from São Paulo. The Casa HS is completely open to a beautiful golf course in the middle of a natural landscape.

The program is quite extensive, making up more than a 1000 square meters house. Its understanding is quite simple though: a volume for the children and guests, another one for the couple and the common spaces of the house.

The dichotomy between these two programs generated a horizontal volume for the guests in contrast to a cube that hosts the parents, both are completely open to the landscape.

The couple hosts a lot of guests, but in the weekends where they’re by themselves they didn’t want to lose the domestic scale of the house. The solution found was to have all the necessary programs of the house in the first volume, with living room, dining room and kitchen on the ground floor, home theater and the master bedroom in the first floor.

Between the first volume and the guesthouse a patio establishes the boundaries of the programs. A retractable roof allows the sun and the wind to penetrate the space that has a vertical garden and a water basin.

Seem from the street the house is a discrete building, with a long façade made out of perforated metal panels, protected from the view of the street by the landscape design with several trees and bushes. These panels can be opened revealing the bedrooms, large sliding doors integrate them with the corridor. Glass sliding doors also integrate the corridor with the landscape, transforming the volume in a pavilion completely open to nature.

The living room has a Double height ceiling, with 6 meter tall glass doors that slide to the side integrating the space with both the terrace and the wooden deck.
Underneath the house there’s a private gym, sauna and technical spaces, forming the base of the house that takes profit of the high inclination of the terrain. On the side of the street the house appears as a low and long horizontal line, from the golf course the volumes sit upon a stone base, with a large water basin in front of it bringing lightness to the building

This house has a large variety of paths inside a rich program, through a simple design that allows a clear reading of the functions, an architecture that is open to contemplate nature.

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- by Matt Watts

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