Morumbi by Drucker Arquitetura

This luxurious residence designed in 2009 by Drucker Arquitetura is located at the top of the Morumbi hills in São Paulo, Brazil.

Description by Drucker Arquitetura

When she saw the 2,500 m² lot at the top of the Morumbi hills, in São Paulo, the architect Monica Drucker knew that she had found the ideal spot for her client’s residence. The area harmonized the view to the urban skyline with the tranquility of a tree-lined street, in addition to excellent privacy conditions assured by the 1.5 m unevenness relative to the street. In the project, it is possible to identify elements of the Paulista modernism repertoire, such as the horizontal windows, the overhangs, the rigid lines in angles and whiteness. The construction preserved the existing trees and bamboos defining the entrance, enhancing the volume, the 3.60 m overhangs and the transparent frames. To improve further the transparency and to privilege the visual integration between the inside and the outside, the project took advantage of the extensive use of glass, framed into anoded aluminum architraves, generally within sliding doors. The abundant transparency required, however, solutions for controlling the incidence of light. Thermal acoustic tiles, hidden by plate bands, are on the entire roof to improve the building’s comfort and energy efficiency. The same motive led to the installation of brises and blinds in the facades more subject to sunlight, a resource contributing to protect the tenants’ privacy in the top floor ambiances, at street level.

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- by Matt Watts

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