Pangal Refuge by emA_Arquitectos

Stunning refuge located in Casablanca, just few miles away from Chile’s capital, Santiago. This interesting property was designed in 2011 by emA_Arquitectos.

Description by emA_Arquitectos

The house is located on the top of a slope site of 5000 sq. meters, characterized by local trees like Quillayes, Cactus and Espinos. The principal views points to the valley and ravines oriented to the north.

The assignment was to generate a refuge, efficient and simple, from the beginning of the construction process to his after use. The requirements to generate the project are basically the access, the implant of the house, the terrace and the pool, that were condicionated by the local vegetation of the place, trying not to intervene the natural field. For these reason the house was design in pilotis and a 40 meters gangway that connect the access with the house.

Spatially, it must take advantage of the existing views, incorporating natural light and solar energy, without losing his privacy and sense of reception.

The house is divided in two areas maintaining spacial continuous, using the Quillay tree as a reference of the site to design the house. That is why the social and services spaces where situated in a higher volume, orientating views through the north-est, and the dormitory was located in a smaller space oriented to the north for more privacy.

The structure is made of steel, chosen because of its faster construction and versatility. Coverings are made of wood, we used horizontal tongue and groove joint with dark tint for exteriors and plywood treated on albayalde for interiors. In both cases the idea was to generate an economic solution, natural and neutral condition, in response to the exterior and interior space.
To improve the thermic comfort we use projected polyurethane insulation according to the climate of the place.

The pool of 2 x 10 and 1.2 meters deep was implanted according to the natural characteristics of the site. It communicates through the terraces with housing and corresponds to an extension of it. The roofs of both volumes are the fifth facade for multiplying situations, routes and views in contrast to the small dimension house.

The whole North West facade views are focus to the valley framing the view in one unique space. This makes you to be part of the environment from the interior of the house. Our objective was to develop a home friendly place and away from pretensions.

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- by Matt Watts

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