Lumed Bobble Lamp by Bambooed India

The Lumed bobble lamp is an LED based table lamp. The uniqueness is in its playfulness and its functionality.

The bobble lamp is made using a bamboo stock and concrete to give it a raw and natural feel. It has the necessary electronics and a battery pack inside that can be charged using a separable bundled wire. A multicolored LED at the top show the charging information by showing green for full charge, amber for half charge and red when the device needs recharging. The bobbled lamp doesn’t use conventional switches, there is a electronic decoder switch connected to a beautifully finished knob at the top. Turning the knob dims or brightens the LED and clicking it turns the lamp on or off.

Lumed Bobble Lamp by Bambooed India - 1
Lumed Bobble Lamp by Bambooed India - 2
Lumed Bobble Lamp by Bambooed India - 3
Lumed Bobble Lamp by Bambooed India - 4

Description by Bambooed India

The design is a nod to the duality of human nature. We, on our exterior, project ourselves as an adult and follow the rules set by our peers and society. We are expected to behave our age. But everyone has a child inside them. Every time we see a child playing, we inadvertently start imagining ourselves in their shoes and relive our memories of when we weren’t bound by rules. Lumed Bobble represents this duality. Its achieved by contrasting its strict, upright and linear form with a playful bobbling base.

Lumed-Bobble Table Lamp and Reading Lamp by Bambooed India is  I Design Award Winner  in Lighting Design Category, 2012 – 2013.

- by Matt Watts