Z House in Sydney

Contemporary residence designed in 2011 by Bruce Stafford Architects located in Sydney, Australia.

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Project Description

A guiding principle of the design was to promote the well-being of all members of the family, creating an environment of peace and tranquillity. With an abundance of natural light and sunshine, the spaces are interwoven with nature through the use of courtyards, skylights, glazed openings and garden. The double height circulation space allows connectedness of spaces whilst still retaining their privacy.

Having no expansive external views, the house creates its own vistas and depth of field through the use of permeable spaces which connect to landscape. These spaces are designed to capture different qualities of natural light, creating a moving tapestry as the house responds to the shifting sunlight.

The main house embodies solidity, reliability, dependability – it is a place of safety providing a protective anchor for the lighter elements. A timber box is held lightly within the solidity of the curving concrete form, and is separated by a glass light well that extends through the centre of the house. The finely slatted box in the form of a cocoon provides a resting place for the children.

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- by Matt Watts