Passive House by Daniel Stauch

This minimalistic passive single family house by Daniel Stauch is located in the middle of Black Forest in Haiterbach, Germany.

Description by Daniel Stauch

This certified Passive House is located in the middle of the Black Forest in Germany. The buildingĀ“s north side is relatively closed, while the south side is fully glazed and adapts to the sloping terrain. All interior rooms are oriented in the direction of the valley, an orientation that offers privacy from adjacent properties. With its unobstructed views of the valley and peaceful location, the aesthetic nature of the building is emphasized by both its playfully and curving exterior and its interior technical functionality. In addition to the ventilation system with heat recovery, solar collectors on the roof support a domestic water heater and buffer. In line with the Passive House concept, the house is heated primarily through ventilation. For additional comfort, under floor heating has also been intergrated.

- by Matt Watts