Anapanasati House by Aarcano Arquitectura

Modern single family house designed by Aarcano Arquitectura located in the middle of the dry forest of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Enjoy!

Description by Aarcano Arquitectura

This is a house located in the middle of the dry forest of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, a place that used to be a cattle ranch. The work began with the reforestation of the property and selecting the right location of the house: The topography, wind, views and orientation were considered very carefully in that matter.

Due to the absence of natural shadow and the lengthy dry season, we conceptualized the space as a folding surface that is separated from the ground, creating a more confortable living space under its protection.

The house consists in a core of double height that contains the central living area. From here, it’s possible to have views to the surroundings 360°, and also this space connects the rest of the program: three bedrooms, a entertainment room, dinning and kitchen, and two terraces.

We have design a tropical space in its essence: necessity of shadow, natural ventilation, low-tech construction, integration with the natural context, open and outdoor spaces… just to mention some strategies. What differences this house is the spatial configuration: how to be local but not conventional! The space flows through every part of the house, adding particular complexities in each room, and creating the sense of place.

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- by Matt Watts