Apartment Rud by Din Gerstner

Holiday residence located in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed for an Australian family by Din Gerstner back in 2011. The apartment was planned as three  separate luxury hotel suites.

Description by Din Gerstner

This holiday residence was designed for an Australian family, three brothers that will come to visit in separate or common occasions. The apartment was planned as three separate luxury hotel suites. Each one is accommodated with private bathroom, TV and study area. The heart of the apartment is the large living room and library with an open kitchen area that brings the entire family together. The minimalistic design of the apartment was important to the client. A pure, white, bright envelope that can accommodate three different families from all over the world, three different style and needs. The white concept is delivered throughout the whole apartment. From the stone floor, to the Corian kitchen, the white built in costume made furniture and the Carrara marble in the bathrooms.There is no master-room, the rooms were each costume designed and fabricated to fit the requirements of each family. Each room has its own characteristic needs while keeping the overall design concept.

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- by Matt Watts

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