Casa de las Jácenas by CSLS Arquitectes

Modern white penthouse designed in 2012 for a young couple living in Calle Cabestany by Spanish SLS Arquitectes. If you’re into minimalistic or  geometric interiors, this one is a must. Enjoy!

Description by CSLS Arquitectes

A penthouse in the city of Huesca built in 1965 was the subject of study.

Before me, a lawyer and a journalist with a new need; live and work simultaneously in the same space, but with many doubts. And among the questions, some clear.

We all wanted to make the most of the floor space (then squandered five rooms connected by virtually unused obsolete circulations) and enhance the brightness of it (the proper disposition of the rooms prevented the propagation of light inside).

The 110 feet above the ground, the excellent guidance and space ventilation (from east to west through the South) and the premise demure look for a program that only required a master bedroom, a commitment, a living room, a kitchen, bathroom – finally were two bathrooms, and a space to house an office, promised the possibility of reaching a successful outcome.

Then we saw that a structural mesh composed of beams and pillars (space present but hidden by some interventions after the origin of the building) could be the real star of our proposal, it was displayed as the ability to recover an item had always been there, but never before had been considered or put in value.

Moreover, he had hidden as if to hide the past, although this inevitably part of any future.

The value of this structure was its ability to narrate out loud a comeback in space, and this is just what I wanted. Getting to do this, all absences undoubtedly missed missing inside the apartment which was just beginning to study.

Well that floor was not anywhere. He was close to characteristic landscape of rock formation known “Leaping Roldán” and the geological formations of the “Mallos Riglos. In the city of paper birds and Ramon Acín Coscolla sculptures. This could not go unnoticed and the beams and pillars that helped me were not so.

So the project was resolved in two very different heights. Not a line was drawn over the girders. Not a single distraction. These were displayed in all their presence.

Nothing was projected above the girders. Below, everything. All our present. Same as my clients posed a new need. The same mind that for me had his own need; show all its complexity.
Therefore, the furniture that are under the beams, protruding from the walls where in principle lie. Certainly to respond to the need to avoid existing building elements, with the desire not to disrupt the continuity of the form of a specific program.

But also because the abstract, attempting to understand the free geometries nearby geological formations, as the girders that had always been there.

Also the ceiling of the reading area with complex geometries surprising. The truth is that match a space in itself, requires a different time.

The truth is that they are more than a nod to those proposed in the park Acín Ramon Miguel Servet, and now occupy a specific place in the heart of Huesca.

To express a more leisurely time. Relaxed. Achievable. Near. From small scale. More cozy if you will. More human. For the reader dream. To be excited. To identify 
in its activity. To be recognized in your space.

No doubt it was from all this reflection, I posed a house tidy, that already had the difficult task of living with a study. For without this conviction, without this deep look, had reduced my architecture, only, and in quotes, play wise, correct, superb low light volumes. Humbly believe that architecture is more than just this game, but I also think not less.

So space is HOME … is the farthest from the entrance, coinciding with the private space of the floor. Here we will find a master bedroom oriented west, with a large dressing area and bathroom facing the views from this orientation.

As to the second room, it really does not occupy a permanent physical location, as it is in a cabinet that, through a manual guidance, comes and goes depending on the needs of the home and studio.
For there was a need to have mortgaged a space that could be used for other purposes, for almost one hundred percent of their useful life. However, what it was to be able to have a room that one time, would respond to a possible compromise.

So right in the water area, which is located just a second full bath courtesy, is this ingenious mechanism, waiting to be used.

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- by Matt Watts

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