GISELE Omotesando / design by msd-office

A renewal project for the showroom that specializes in the garden furniture of the largest space in Japan.

The supervision of the interior design was under the charge of the msd-office, represented by the architect – designer, Tadafumi Masuda. The showroom is situated in Omotesando, the finest location in Tokyo with the flagship stores of the top-ranking brands lining the streets. More than 100 items of garden furniture are on display in a space of 200 square meters. The walls and the floors of the showroom were covered with the panels made with the raw materials of natural Myanmar teak, “New Generation Rattan” and “New Generation Water Hyacinth” which had been used for the original merchandise of the furniture brand, “GISELE”. The entire interior of the showroom has been transformed into a space that resembles a “Material Book”, as big as life itself.

all photographs © Tadafumi Masuda / msd-office

- by Matt Watts