Clinic of Psychology by Marcelo Bastos Arquitetura

Marcelo Bastos of Marcelo Bastos Arquitetura recently redesigned this office situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Description by Marcelo Bastos Arquitetura

The premise according to the client was that the new space should be more warm and stimulating to look at. This way we propose to transform the traditional room into a living room with many colors on small objects. In the waiting room a sticker was installed on the wall in the form of sentence to already prepare the patient for therapy, a large sticker with the skyline of the city of Rio de Janeiro connects with the waiting room care.

In the clinic lacks nothing that he had not asked! A rug in leather for those who need to take your shoes and relax, a soft and inviting sofa, a side table with a small lampshade help to tap the ambiance. We still have a shelf for all the books and objects and furniture designed especially for the space.

The lighting was crafted with scenes, so you can work better patients’ emotions as you want to be.

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- by Matt Watts

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