FIR /_\ Comfortable Minimalism by KASIA ORWAT home design

This minimalist single family residence designed by KASIA ORWAT home design is situated near a forest in Poland.

The size of the interior seems to be bigger, through the use of a single unifying floor. The natural matt lacquer coated board looks very elegant and timeless.

Comfortable couch (Linnea from SITS) invites a long rest. However, most children would sit down on Casalis’ Slumber Pouf – with herringbone pattern – which looks like a giant woolen cushion.

Two veneered “Bloc” tables from NOTI (designed by Piotr Kuchciński) match perfectly into this “comfortable minimalist” interior thanks to its simple and modern shape. Another element, the modern “Verpan” armchair is an example of good fitting Danish design.

The massive wooden table looks lighter, thanks to its white finishing and lightweight plastic chairs (Juno from Arper). Shutters on the window romantically illuminate the space filtering the natural daylight.

Kitchen is based on simple solids embedded in the wall. In the center of the kitchen, a simple monolithic island, which focuses on the cooking.

The white drop suspended over the island is the „Drop” hood from Faber. His sculptural shape animates the simple interior of the kitchen.

Countertops in the kitchen are made of white Corian, with sink from Duravit and “Esprit“ kitchen faucet from Kludi – form a coherent, unified composition.

From the island’s perspective you can see the whole lovely living area. White induction hob from Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid is a design masterpiece.

On the walls in the entrance area and the kitchen there is a wallpaper with a subtle pattern of trees. Mixed with each other they create the desired forest atmosphere.

Description by KASIA ORWAT home design

„Fir on the field” – that is the name used by the designers when referring to this project at KASIA ORWAT home design. But where does the title come from? Why this mysterious name?

Guidelines for the metamorphosis of this interior were very precise. Because the house is located away from the big city, near the forest, it was very important for the clients that its interior was consistent with the environment – close to nature and ecological. The initial concept assumed that the dominant material in the interior had to be wood, which with its natural warmth makes the formerly dark daily area change into the friendly space that it is now, where the whole family well spend their time together now. However, while working on the project, the idea evolved towards a comfortable minimalism, and the title “fir” appeared consistently in the shape of key interior accents – in a pattern wallpaper in the hallway area and “herringboned” weavy woolen pattern of the Slumber poufs from Casalis. In polish herringbone is called “FIRish” (jodełkowy) which perfectly fits in this case.

The metamorphosis of the interior is spectacular! Once a dark, sad interior that did not encouraged to spend time here. Now it has got a new light. Brightened kitchen and living area are now the highlight of the house where it is just fun to stay.

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Photography by Weronika Trojanowska

- by Matt Watts

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