Bookowski /_\ by KASIA ORWAT home design

Bookowski is a bookshop located in CK Zamek – a historic site on the map of Poznan in Poland. It’s interior was designed by KASIA ORWAT home design.

This interior’s furnishing is based on the simplest modular shelves from IKEA, however, the cleverly arranged distribution gives them in the project a completely new form.

Expedit shelves from Ikea (now replaced by a Ivar system) proved to be ideal for the project by its modularity and repeatability. It was used as a base for the entire interior design. A simple form, however customized – that gained individual character with the owners’ choice quotations.

Shelves full of books piling up on the main wall, which also includes the mentioned quotations and appeared to be the perfect background for Bookowski’s logo.

In the bookstore you can buy not only books but also vinyl records. Before buying, however, it is worth and a recommended option, to listen to them on the stylish wooden vinyl players.

Close to the main wall, lLogo and quotes share the same font, what makes the whole composition to be consistent.

A bookstore is also a place to sit. The smallest units from the Expedit collection serve as comfortable stools by simply adding pillows and for a more comfortable reading time, poufs Miuki are a great option.

A line of suspended Plumen bulbs with wooden holders design by Marcin Pogorzelski ( specifically for this interior illuminate all along the place. An unique lighting that emphasizes the unique character of the interior.

The Expedit shelves are completed by concrete elements produced by BETONEXE.

The lit up Plumen bulbs thanks to their unusual shape create a lovely lighting effect, and look like small sculptures themselves.

And one last picture, from the “Bookstage”.

Description by KASIA ORWAT home design

Bookowski is a bookshop located in CK Zamek – a historic site on the map of Poznan – the former Imperial Castle, today’s Cultural Center. However, the word “bookstore” is not enough to describe the place in its context. Bookowski is as the CK Zamek itself – a multicultural space in which apart from books (and the available selection is huge!) events related to literature are organized; where you can not only read a book but browse through albums and even listen to the music of the vinyl records you’ll find there thanks to the cooperation with the Multikulti association.

Bookowski’s interior was designed by KASIA ORWAT home design. The project’s arrangement was a big challenge as the space had to keep walls and floors finishing, becoming basically a project about finding the best solution for the new functionality of the place. And the limited budget triggered the designers imagination to the highest level.

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Photography by Weronika Trojanowska

- by Matt Watts