Modern Apartment by SNCE Studio

Designed recently by SNCE Studio, this modern apartment inspired by black-and-white cinematography is situated in Poland.

Description by SNCE Studio

The main inspiration for the interior was oldstyle black-and-white cinematography which could express almost every emotion without any additional colour. That is why interiors base on using mainly white and grey colour as a background filled with a few essential and feminine accents.

The day area connects living room and the kitchen with huge wardrobe with a cut-out corner to open the view from both sides. Because the owner works often with music stars, there was especially arranged open space in a living area for a huge collection of CDs. Warm, white-and-grey bedroom with huge mirror enlarging the space, delicate wallpaper, black classy pending lamp and shady curtain help the owner to relax and sleep even during the day. The bathroom with custom mosaic – owner’s idol portrait – Audrey Hepburn, round handles and delicate yet elegant silver lights being reflected in the huge mirror, creates warm and welcoming atmosphere of old-style minimal elegance.

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- by Matt Watts

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