T2 Minimalistic LED Lamp by ArtZavod

Minimalist LED lamp suitable for any office desk or bedside table designed by Ukraine-based ArtZavod.

Description by ArtZavod

T2 is a lamp made of natural materials connected with modern design and technology. It adds a stylish accent to any office desk or bedside table.

T2’s got simple and minimalistic design that fits into any decor: from the modern office to your bedroom. This lamp produces light as well as warmth and aesthetic pleasure. It is simple and unusual at the same time. T2 is your assistant that will inspire you again and again.

This lamp provides a warm (3000K) light, which is perfect for your home and office space. This gadget used the newest generation of LEDs more than 30000 hours of lifetime. LEDs that produce 530 Lux of brightness using only 2 Watts of power. Instead of cheap LED stripes there was a custom LED board created especially for this project. The power consumption level of this lamp is very low even if you use it for a long time.

The lamp is made from ash tree. It is one type of wood which is perfect for making table lamps. It has good density and unique wonderful texture that conveys all the beauty of natural wood.

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- by Matt Watts

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