MISS’OPO Guest House by Gustavo Guimarães Atelier

Completed in 2012 by Gustavo Guimarães Atelier, this inspiring eclectic guest house is situated in Porto, Portugal.

Description by Gustavo Guimarães Atelier

Love is an act of construction. MISS’OPO is born from the desire to transport the Joy of intimacy to a more comprehensive life project, one of a public nature. The Programme, six apartments, a restaurant space, a foyer/shop/gallery, a multipurpose space and technical areas are distributed throughout the building as if rooms in an old house. The apartments are the bedrooms, the bar the kitchen, the dining room the garden, the foyer/shop/gallery the lounge, and so on.The Aura of the Home, of Shelter, was built, giving back to the building its original function, that of habitation. Alongside this, we have also respected and integrated its more recent period, extolling its raw and industrial character, a present reminder of the textile unit which was dramatically implemented in the 1970s.Restoration as respect for history, reinterpreting its content, was the theme we were interested in exploring.This process of conception-construction took up all our energies for two years of our lives.In the frenzy of the new, while we built and filled the House, we emptied the other one.MISS’OPO was born.

Photography by Carlos Trancoso, Mariana Lopes

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- by Matt Watts

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