Afsharian’s House by ReNa

Contemporary single family residence designed in 2013 by ReNa located in Kermanshah, Iran.

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Afsharian’s House by ReNa - 2
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Afsharian’s House by ReNa - 4
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Description by ReNa

Architects designed houses, which are categorized as artistic and cultural works of art, may morphologically be compared with real, abstract and conceptual paintings or even love stories.

Afsharian’s house situated in Kermanshah-Iran with a 312sqm land area is a three-storey building belonging to a couple and their children (a son and a daughter).

Since the client’s prospective quest was to provide each of her children with a single and separate unit in future, we’ve come to a conclusion that this building should be designed in a way that it could develop from home to apartment. This demand would require a flexibility in plan and façade; which brought up a challenge to the designer to come to a solution which could look absolutely adequate and individually identified for the time and still look elegant and well-proportioned after the extension.

A sincere and simple project yet with a unique exterior design, was client’s another demand. Accordingly, with taking building height and width proportions into account, we’ve designed a square with a crack on it, converting the building into a sculpture emerging from the street. This solution not only exposes the entrance very well but also responds to upper levels space divisions in a convenient way.

Respect to the passerby, which is a precious concept in Iranian traditions emerges in this project as it has slightly leaned backwards on the ground level. It also devotes a part of private land to public green zone .Therefore, the building has stepped forward from a normal residential building to a city landmark with an elegant and spectacular visual quality. This has gone as far as transferring the subtle meaning of the project to the observer as well as the user and presenting them with freshness and respect.

Interior design and space organization’s friendly, pleasant, spacious and amazingly bright environment is provided by the company of timber and brick. Experiencing a different environment in the project from the entrance to the bedrooms is provided by a suspended bridge over the atrium as a circulation access that would infuse a feeling of thrill associated with safety.

Photography by Reza Najafian

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- by Matt Watts