House AT by MIRAG Arquitectura i Gestió

This contemporary residence is situated in the Spanish village of L’Ametlla del Vallès. It was designed in 2013 by MIRAG Arquitectura i Gestió.

Description by MIRAG Arquitectura i Gestió

The house is located in L’Ametlla del Vallès in a sloping plot. To the east, there is a street and a group of neighbouring private houses; to the west, views to the pinewood. In this environment, the intent of the building is to turn its back to the vehicular traffic and to open itself to the surroundings. Making the most of the characteristics of the plot, we placed the parking area in the street level in order to dispose the habitable spaces in the floor -1, where there is a direct access to the garden and a visual connection to the pine forest of L’Ametlla. Since all the spaces in this floor are arranged in parallel, every room enjoys natural light: bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, dinning room and living room. The only space located in the street floor is the studio, which serves as a sort of buffer area between the parking and the living room. The house has two façades. The street façade is opaque, dark, wave-like. Featuring just a window and a door, it isolates the house from the road and the passers-by. The garden façade is the polar opposite: it has big windows and is immensely bright. The broken lines that form the façade, as well as the composition of the apertures, all respond to the lighting needs of the inner spaces.

Photography by Jordi Surroca

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- by Matt Watts

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