Barrancas House by Ezequiel Farca

This single family residence built in the 70s was recently completely redesigned by Ezequiel Farca.

It’s situated in Mexico City, Mexico.

Description by Ezequiel Farca

Restoration and renovation of a 1970’s home in Mexico City. The original home was unattractive; however, Farca saw that the quality of the architecture provided good spatial potential.

Modernizing the space, the project team created moments of discovery throughout the home, and took advantage of the home’s views towards the neighboring woods. Floor to ceiling glass draws in natural light and frames the exterior view without compromising the comfort and intimacy of the inhabitants. The home’s new hallways lead to multifunctional spaces achieved through movable screen walls, hidden doors, and wide open spaces with operable bay windows.

Amenities include a home theater, a wine cellar, a gym, two terraces, a pool, garden and additional green space. The home features an automatic lighting system and custom furniture throughout.

The landscape features locally appropriate plantings with a green roof and green walls. Sustainable elements also include solar power and a grey water reuse system.

Texture and materials include marble, stone and wood combined with neutral, earthy colors such as dark green and chocolate which tie the interiors with the home inside.

Photography by Roland Halbe & Jaime Navarro

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- by Matt Watts

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