House of Representation by Kouichi Kimura Architects

This contemporary single family residence was designed in 2011 by FORM / Kouichi Kimura Architects.

It’s situated in the Japanese Shiga prefecture.

Description by Kouichi Kimura Architects

This house is planned on a site where there are beautiful views of the country side. The request from the client was for the creation of intimacy, but with a large living area. The exterior is designed as a monumental form so that it can be seem to be a new addition to the countryside scenery.

I created a centripetal plan where each room is connected through a corridor from the multi-level living area. Around the corridor, walls, which have different textures and shapes, make a sequence inside the space.

The walls and spaces are highlighted by natural, indirect light, so your eyes are drawn to, and focus on, the interior: By the basic processes of manipulating and controlling “light” and “views”, I tried to make the inside space more intimate and deeper.

Rather than doing large gestures of acrobatic space composition, I have instead created what I feel is a space that represents the unusual, by doing small and poetic movements that control light and the viewers eyes.

Photography by Takumi Ota

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- by Matt Watts

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