Apartment in Vilnius by Normundas Vilkas

Modern apartment situated in Vilnius, Lithuania, designed in 2014 by Normundas Vilkas.

Description by Normundas Vilkas

Structural changes in the floor plan were required in order to accommodate the needs of the clients. The large living room space was separated by a piece of multifunctional furniture, creating space for the parents’ bedroom. The bathroom was moved to the former storage room, this way we created space for the kitchen. In the new setup, the dining room was moved to the former kitchen space. Tall closets were inserted in the hallway to create storage facilities.

The living area of the apartment has got a moderately bleached oak color scheme, supplemented by gray and lilac combinations. Fresh blue tones dominate in the nursery and the bedroom.

Photography by Augis Narmontas and Dovalde Butenaite

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- by Matt Watts