American Dream House by Lantz Full Circle

Designed by Lantz Full Circle, this sustainable single family residence is situated in Houston, Texas, United States.

Description by Lantz Full Circle

Our buildings are largely made of materials and fixtures imported from other countries. What can we gain from questioning this fact? Can renewable energy become integral to design? And how should architects address the prevailing conditions in which buildings are, in some cases, demolished and replaced just years after they are built? This LEED Platinum certified project asks these questions and takes up the challenge of defining what it means to build responsibly. Sustainable architecture is more than a checklist—it is the holistic pursuit of healthy environments, which are as much about materiality and vitality as space.

This reinvented American Dream house is a case study on new methods of building and design in the pursuit of sustainability. Along the way, it asks us to adopt new ways of living, more conscious, more rooted, more enjoyable. While these urgencies seem to be beyond today’s conventions, this house makes the case for buildings that last a lifetime.

Photography by Casey Dunn

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- by Matt Watts