Santa Monica Residence by Natalie Myers

Owned by a British pilot, this midcentury vacation house is situated in Santa Monica, California, United States.

It was recently remodelled by Natalie Myers.

Description by Natalie Myers

In only 5 weeks, an empty 3 bedroom house that had been recently remodeled was turned into a cheerful and cheeky vacation house for a British pilot. He was enamoured with midcentury design, especially the groovy retro version specific to LA, which was convenient since an immediate and economical way to furnish an entire house on a budget is with vintage furniture. The vintage pieces were balanced out with some shiny new items that were quick ship, then layered with global textiles from Turkish kilims to African mudcloths to German grain sacks. The result is a fun home that will put a smile to the client’s face when he walks through the front door after his long travels around the globe.

Photography by Amy Bartlam

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- by Matt Watts