Cube House by Yakusha Design Studio

Modern two-storey residence situated in Bucha, Ukraine, designed by Viktoriya Yakusha of Yakusha Design Studio.

Description by Yakusha Design Studio

Contrary to all physical laws this house inside is larger than outside. Anyway it seems to be due to clever used optical illusions and maximum functionality of each square meters.
House and garage should be placed in smallish piece of land in pine forest in such a way that satisfy all needs and retain natural landscape. There was found simple and logical solution to carry out construction project as compact cube. On the ground floor were located guest zone and garage, on the second is private zone: children’s room, bedroom with wardrobe and bathroom.

There is large window placed in the kitchen-dinner-lounge zones that family members enjoy view of pine forest. Second-level lighting adds airiness of space: housemistress would like to feel easy and light ‘breathing’ here. This idea line is supported by stairs of special construction on the second floor: it, in fact, does not occupy much place and railing of crashworthy glass makes it almost weightless. This element along with transparent wall of upper level permits comfortable communication between floors – that have special importance in the family with children.

Designer created bedroom of calm, comfortable and relaxing mood: for this reason tone down the grey colours and balanced tones of natural wood were applied. The most essential element of this interior is total correspondence of eco concept: the floor cover with oak, curtains and covers are of 100% wool, bed-side tables are snags and the view from the window is pines.

In the beginning of the project it was two kids family but later the parents have got to know about addition of their family. In such a way in children’s rooms – for girl and boy – it was provided availability for one more habitant.

Photography courtesy of Yakusha Design Studio

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- by Matt Watts