Dark Apartment by EXITDESIGN

Situated in the heart of Warsaw, Poland, this luxury apartment was completely redesigned by Pawel Sokol of EXITDESIGN.

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Description by EXITDESIGN

This luxury apartment in the heart of Warsaw has been created in the process of a full transformation of the former condominium swimming pool.

The decision to adapt a public building was a consequence of the specific objectives set by the investor . The apartment had to have an appropriate living area, an indoor swimming pool, and at the same time it had to be located in the green part of the city center. There aren’t many such locations, and therefore it was decided to fully reconstruct the existing devastated interior. All the systems have been replaced, and the rooms which were originally dark gained huge windows.

The architectural idea was to give the impression of a large open space. Therefore glass walls and smooth room divisions predominate. Room functions overlap. Thanks to the large windows glazing, the interior merges with the garden. It optically expands to include the terrace. The perspective gains depth thanks to large windows overlooking a park. Despite the large amount of glass used, a cozy interior has been created. After several months of reconstructing the building, every detail of the interior has been taken care of. All the materials had to be of the highest quality, and there couldn’t have been any random elements or details.

The interior design was inspired by the Art Deco style. Consistent references to this style appear in the custom-designed lamps in the dining room, in the lobby, in additional elements, and even in the custom-made furniture handles. The only ready-made elements are upholstered furniture and some lamps. Other furniture have been individually designed in the EXIT DESIGN atelier.

In addition to the carefully selected and designed furniture, works of art are an important element of the interior design. At the conceptual stage of design, appropriate places for displaying the client’s collection have been established. Some works, such as a modern glass-relief at the swimming pool and a chromed sculpture in the living room were commissioned from artists so that their dimensions and colors fit to the interior design.

The end result was created after over 2 years of cooperation with the client and top-class Polish contractors. The created interior is sophisticated and elegant. Every detail is an important element of a harmonious whole which combines functionality and decorative esthetics in a natural way.

Photography courtesy of EXITDESIGN


- by Matt Watts