Casa Prè de Sura by Casati

This contemporary wooden residence situated in San Martino in Badia, Italy, was designed in 2010 by Casati.

Description by Casati

This gabled house in Italy by Austrian architects Casati has stripy wooden walls on the outside and bumpy limestone walls on the inside. Boxy windows project from the facade and frame views towards the castello di San Martino; a small castle on a nearby hillside. A window in the master bedroom wraps over onto the roof, while others meet the floor so that small children can see out. The limestone aggregate walls surround rooms and hallways on each of the three floors, absorbing moisture from the air, that can cool the house during warmer months. This building presents an unique design solutions which help to make connection with the surrounding landscape.

Photography courtesy of Casati

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- by Matt Watts

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