Home in London by SHH Architects

SHH Architects completely redesigned this elegant brick home situated in London, United Kingdom.

Description by SHH Architects

The remodelling of the ‘House of Books’ in Hampstead, the former home of Labour leader Michael Foot, who was known for covering almost every inch of the property in books. True to the spirit of the house, the new owners are also bibliophiles (owning over 100 linear metres of books) and the property has now been completely reconfigured (including new floors, walls, stairs and rear extension in cedar wood and zinc), ensuring that books remain a central feature, with an aluminium, two-sided bookcase forming a spine around which all five storeys of a spectacular new stair (made of individual steel trays dipped in orange liquid rubber and bolted over individual cantilevered steel hoops ) are wrapped. The bookcase also sits within the new steel frame of the house, with all new structural elements bespoke-designed by SHH as part of the project.

Photography by Alastair Lever

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- by Matt Watts

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