Mountain Chalet by Iqosa

Situated in Astana, Kazakhstan, this comfortable chalet was recently completed by Iqosa.

Description by Iqosa

Comfortable and unforgettable atmosphere of a mountain chalet was reconstituted in a dynamic and bustling capital of Kazakhstan. Two completely different worlds united in the atmosphere of the restaurant Vine & Grill. Interior design is made in the style of a modern chalet and allows you to experience the atmosphere of an Alpine mountain house, while retaining this role of the establishment.

Wood panels are ideally combined with masonry. The ceiling is lined with wood and decorated with exposed beams. The color palette is dominated by warm and earthy tones.

Thus it managed to cater to the needs of the most demanding customer. The room is divided into places banquet hall and a hall with a loggia. A huge rack for wine bottles with presented selection of wines are not allowed to remain indifferent any amateur or experienced sommelier.

The perfect combination of taste and style will remain in our memory and will beckon to come back again, in order to take a sip of wine and dive into the world of peace and tranquility.

Photography courtesy of Iqosa

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- by Matt Watts

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