Residence of an Artist by ZW6 Interior Architecture

This inspiring single family residence located in Leiden, Netherlands, was designed in 2016 by ZW6 Interior Architecture.

Description by ZW6 Interior Architecture

In close cooperation with artist Casper Faassen, Jeroen van Zwetselaar designed a new family house for this artistic Leidenaar.The house is an spacious semidetached house from the thirties and now could use a lot of light, sphere and open spaces.

Jeroen and Casper are both working with a combination of old and new, in their own discipline. By not only using, but also showing the old elements with a touch of renovation to highlight these elements. It provides a contrast who can not only be big or subtile, but especially authentic held. You get fascinated by the work and it gets you, because there is life and experience.

Photography courtesy of ZW6 Interior Architecture

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- by Matt Watts