Apartment in Rougemont by Plusdesign

This contemporary wooden apartment located in Rougemont, Switzerland, was designed in 2015 by Plusdesign.

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Description by Plusdesign

Set in the fairytale landscape of Pays d’Enhaut in the picturesque Rougemont, next to Gstaad, this apartment is surrounded by majestic pine trees and boasting breathtaking views on the mountains.

The apartment takes advantage of the ample light and stunning views on the landscape, the visual interaction and the sense of harmony between the internal and the external inspired throughout the project.

The design aims to find a common ground between the traditional Swiss chalet style and the glamorous appeal of a world-famous ski resort.

Handpicked natural materials, such as stone and wood, provide a link between the indoors and the outdoors; the inner spaces are modeled by the use of light and proportions, in order to enhance the sense of well-being within them.

The result is a balanced combination of old and new: salvaged lumber from old Swiss chalets and large reclaimed stone blocks of Pierre de Bourgogne, are paired with clean-lined furniture, mirrored glass surfaces and contemporary details, in a fresh interpretation of the alpine chic.

The traditional setting of the timber framed walls finds a new definition; the pared-back lines and rigorous partitions of the wall coatings balance the rustic irregularity of aged wood, in a contrast that conveys a natural and sophisticated effect.

Recessed tray ceilings with indirect lighting allow to articulate the space, while enhancing the sense of order in each room; the accent lamps break the homogeneity of wood, with the shimmering glitter of the gold leaf surfaces.

Dark solid surfaces in Pietra di Corinto and large portions of rough-textured walls, finish Calce del Brenta, in a natural shade of taupe, provide a contrast with wood. Generous glass surfaces add lightness and allow the maximum addition of natural light, while bronze mirrored glass generate suggestive reflections.

The overall atmosphere of the apartment is stylish yet relaxed.
Wool, linen, leather and sumptuous pelts, form a cohesive play of tones and textures inspired by nature and enhance the sense of harmony and elegance.

Contemporary elements, design pieces and light fixtures add some twist to the whole.
The artwork pieces, with artistic photographic prints on metal panels and on wood surfaces, recall to a poetical vision of nature and echo the surrounding landscape.

The result exhales a stylish blend of warmth, comfort and elegance, where the traditional elements and the vernacular spirit are fused with a modern ethos and an authentic flair.

Photography by Giovanna Frisardi

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- by Matt Watts