ZP-Apartment by Eugene Meshcheruk

This creative apartment located in Zaporojye, Ukraine, was designed in 2015 by Eugene Meshcheruk.

Description by Eugene Meshcheruk

This 84m² bright appartment Was designed for young family.Entire volume of the apartment divided into private area and common area.Main task was to create open space of common area by removing non-load bearing walls. Thus we were able to place open kitchen, dining and TV zone.To create warm ambience we chose pale yellow as a base color.Clients wanted to use eco-friendly materials. So as accent we used toned plywood both at the living and at the bedroom. Wooden tiles, planks and bricks makes a variety of texture finishes, supporting the idea with natural materials. As for complectation: dinning table and cahirs Сalligaris, coffee table B&B, doors Effebiquattro, integrated light fixture leds c4 and faro, pendant lamp Ole Banyo, white floor lamp Kare-design, Artemide in the bedroom.

Photography courtesy of Eugene Meshcheruk

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- by Matt Watts

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