Attic Apartment by Mobilificio Marchese

Designed by Mobilificio Marchese, this contemporary attic apartment is located in Messina, Sicily, Italy.

Description by Mobilificio Marchese

The relation between the outside and the inner space is the root node on which the project the restructuring of the attic with views over the Strait of Messina is made , trying to blend open space and closed space in a coherent and harmonious unicum.

The project was born by a merger of two different housing units that are amalgamated into a large interior while keeping the coexistence of two different souls: an intimate sleeping area and a representative living area.

The intimate part presents the hottest finishes in natural oak parquet flooring and a classic division into rooms distributed by a white corridor.

The living area of the house is divided into a large living space that contains within it also the kitchen area that becomes part of the living area to all effects through a large movable wall of sliding wooden panels in walnut.

Another element that characterizes the large living room is the presence of a coated diaphragm in black iron sheet metal that starts from the entrance, where it hides a wardrobe , and becomes a fifth / prospectus of stay covering baffles and beams.

Behind this system it comes to life an iron wall and white opaque glass that serves as additional light source to the living area on the opposite side instead opens with large sliding glass doors to the terrace.

The outside and the inside of the living area are treated with the same flooring large tile formats anthracite gray in order to give visual and perceptive continuity between inside and outside.

Finally the terrace, on the side facing the sea, closed with an alternate fence sessions and planters in reinforced concrete which create a new horizon line that hides the city and frames the views of the Straits and the skyline of Calabria.

Photography by Gianmarco Vetrano

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- by Matt Watts

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