Yogaone Mandri by Studio Shito

Designed by Studio Shito, this inspiring Yoga center is located in Ciutat de Balaguer, Barcelona, Spain.

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Description by Studio Shito

Studio Shito was comissioned the design and construction of a new Yoga center by DiR, the popular brand of gyms throughout Barcelona. A 400 sqmt venue, located in Ciutat de Balaguer, 19, in Barcelona, served the occasion for the company to update its brand.

The goal of the project is to produce spaces where material, furniture, lighting and colors suit and embrace the performing of Yoga, easing transitions along the course within the place. Those are close, relaxed spaces that enable the user to drift away from the busy life in the city to gradually reconnect with the consciousness of the own body and mind.

The itinerary begins in the lobby, where exterior light is allowed in to invite the user to enter a relaxing, clear space, with solid wood furniture containing all machinery for the access. Once inside, the social lobby further diminishes the nuisance from the outside by adopting an even more constrained, human-fitted scale and tone in its design. The dressing room and lockers are neutral-toned, with cozy, warm corners and carefully detailed signalling that allow the user to ultimately leave the city and enter the comfortable clothing for the practice of Yoga. Last, the access into the Yoga room happens through wooden framing, a clean and serene space, fresh and spirited.

The new image for the brand consciously dresses natural materials, delivering a main position to pine wood. The carpenter-designed furniture aims to find both balance and imbalance, cornerstones of the underlying philosophy in Yoga.

Furniture and lighting have been chosen for fabrics, wood, noble, pure, natural materials, with a careful selection of local designers, highlighting the work of some broadly renowned catalan providers such as Santa&Cole, Lagranja Design and Calma House.

Photography by Marcela Grassi

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- by Matt Watts