Yasuragi by White Arkitekter

Designed by White Arkitekter, the Yusuragi spa hotel is situated in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Description by White Arkitekter

The spa hotel Yasuragi, situated on Cape Hasseludden just east of central Stockholm, has been extended with 27 new Japanese style hotel rooms. The new rooms are located in an entirely new section, built on top of one of the existing wings, giving them magnificent views of Höggarnsfjärden Bay. The rooms, which are reached from the one-sided corridor with views over the pine tree forest, differ somewhat in size, but share the same colour scheme and choice of materials.

In accordance with Japanese tradition, our point of departure is the place and the nature it sits in: Lake Saltsjön, the flat rocks and the pine tree forest. The colour scheme comprises various blue hues. Nature is present in materials and details – the sea, pine and stone form a common theme. The Japanese wave pattern, seigaiha, appears in wallpaper, headboards and textiles. The pattern was originally used to depict oceans in old Chinese maps. In Japan, seigaiha is mainly seen in traditional costumes.

Some of the rooms have tatami flooring (Japanese straw mats), while others have smooth pine floorboards. The traditional Japanese tatami mats are also comfortable to walk on and, just like in Japan, you take your shoes off before entering the room.

In the exterior, we have chosen to integrate the design and materials of the extension with the character of the existing building, in order not to contrast, since it is located in a high and beautiful location, right by the fairway into Stockholm.

Photography by Thomas Zaar

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- by Matt Watts