Albatross by Andreas Chadzis and Myrto Kampaloni

Located on the Greek island of Rhodos, this contemporary single family house was designed by Andreas Chadzis and Myrto Kampaloni.

Description by Andreas Chadzis and Myrto Kampaloni

Albatross Residence is one the three combined houses on a beach front development in an area called Great Land close to Gennadi Rhodes.

The house is constructed on four levels. On the ground floor there is the living area along with the kitchen and the dining area, on the first floor there are two bedrooms and an loft ( attic ) on the top. On the basement there are supplementary functions, the laundry etc.

The idea, blended white and black volumes creating forms and functions directing to the view on a seaside environment.

The house constructed out of reinforced concrete has wooden suspended steps witch partially hold the protection glass.

The yard around a swimming pool has a steel pergola on shades of white and a open kitchen. The pool itself has two parts, a swimming line and a playground area all covered with mosaic tiles.

The house due to its position is open to all climatic conditions, and all bioclimatic additions ( steel blinds etc ) make life better on a paradise like coastal environment.

- by Matt Watts

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