Studio Apartment by Interiors.homeandwood

Tiny studio apartment designed in 2017 by Interiors.homeandwood, situated in Lublin, Poland.

Description by Interiors.homeandwood

We love projects of small apartments! Little of space gives preferential treatment to the creation of original solutions (e.g., use of mezzanine to enlarge the apartment). Classical interior – a modern twist on the theme from the Bosh paintings who created their works in the sixteenth century. Tenement house is from the same period. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

The apartment is located in the Old Market Square in Lublin. A place with a fantastic atmosphere and history which is the perfect place to start your trip to the local pubs. It’s a great location for active people.

The only problem was the fairly small area (less than 30 meters square). By expanded space with the use of a mezzanine floor, we enlarged the kitchen and bathroom. Also, at the top, we designed a comfortable bedroom.

Photography courtesy of Interiors.homeandwood

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- by Matt Watts

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