This House by Taipei Base Design Center

Designed by Taipei Base Design Center, this inspiring apartment is located in Taipei, Taiwan.

Description by Taipei Base Design Center

The point of designing “This House” is not about the style, but to check and allocate resource, and think about the possibilities of this house in the future.

Possibilities means the relationships between each room, which should be all independent, but also able to connect with each other.

A quite functional closet is hidden at the entrance, and the often-used wearing shoes area locates on the main route. Living room, dining room, kitchen and office are all opened, but they can also be used independently. Kitchen and dining room could be separated or connected by different situations, and the office has the possibility to be an independent bedroom in the future.

Except of having meals, the dining room will also be used as the second working area, so the right positions of electricity and signals are important to fulfill different kind of possibilities in the future. As the closet which contains the main video/audio equipment and digital signals receiver, one side of the TV storage is for watching TV, and the other side is made for the storage of dining room. Besides, there are also an independent room, a master bedroom, a dressing room and a bathroom.

About the allocation of resource, first we analyzed the principal and subordinate relations of these spaces, and put more resource into major functions, such as air conditionals, light and furniture. In the meantime, we asked the construction company to offer more choice of equipment and floors to match the whole design of the house, under the condition of not increasing the budget. Other things like functional equipment or didn’t affect the whole design, we just changed the color, light or material to fulfill aesthetics.

“This House”, the existence of everything is based on its function, which has no unnecessary decoration and burden. We do keep more flexibility for the users to interact and develop with the
space, let users imagine the possibilities by themselves, instead of reflecting the personal preference of designer. That's what home is.

Photography by Huang Yu Wei

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- by Matt Watts

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