House in Savyon by Dror Barda Architects

Located in Savyon, Israel, this contemporary single family house was designed in 2017 by Dror Barda Architects.

Description by Dror Barda Architects

Massive renovation work on a house in Saviyon, including enlargement of the openings/doors, addition of spaces, a new internal division that was precisely adapted to the family’s needs, new planning for the courtyard/garden, addition of a swimming pool and re-design of the facades, all accompanied by interior design and lighting planning.

A large glass wall between the house and the central hosting courtyard, which replaced the small openings that were there before renovation, lets lots of light into the house, significantly enlarges the perceived space and diffused the borders between the interior and exterior of the house.

In addition, a situation was created that enables a style of hosting which combines the inside of the house and the tiled hosting area below the pergola when the glass wall is fully opened.

A skylight which opens above the stairs leading to the private spaces lets a lot of light into the public area during the day. An “up-light” type of lighting imitates the entrance of light from above also in the evening hours.

In the spacious master bedroom, there is closet space and a dressing area as well as a roomy wet cell with two washbasins: “hers” and “his”.

A barbecue area was created in the backyard that includes a fully equipped kitchenette and a lounge bar, both located in the vicinity of the pool which can be seen from all the shared areas in the house, while also part of the other rooms are looking out on it.

The house is completely filled with light and easy to navigate.

Photography by Elad Gonen

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- by Matt Watts

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