Armazém Luxury Housing by Pedra Líquida

Situated in Porto, Portugal, this inspiring hotel was designed in 2016 by Pedra Líquida.

Description by Pedra Líquida

In 2013 a building with a charming personality was found in the n.74 of the dynamic Largo de São Domingos, in Porto.

Among a set of dwelling buildings this one stood out by the austerity of its facade and the large and free open interior, charactreristics of an old iron warehouse.

The main object of the project was to transform a wide and deep spaece into an hotel of charm, maintaining its original atmosphere.

The interior of the building was designed with a central patio allowing plenty of light inside and vivid spaces. A ligthweight staircase shows the verticality of its 6 floors and the horizontal circulations were mixed with living rooms, creating wide and generous common areas.

The materials were selected to enhance this duality between a warehouse and a hotel – cold and raw materials such as iron and concrete, appeared in contrast with light wood, fine fabrics, velvet, and confortable rugs.

The reception and the main living room were designed facing the street. From here, going down a stairway that overlaps the pre-existing stone ramp, we find the breakfast/dinning room, served by a kitchen.

The upper floors were reserved for the bedrooms, which all have private bathrooms. Going up the building one can find some surprising moments such as the terrace facing the Porto Cathedral or the penthouse in the last floor which allows a diferente and rich space experience given by the exquisite celling shape.

Photography by Josè Campos

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- by Matt Watts

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