Olion Villa AA by Ark4lab of Architecture

Located in Thassos, Greece, this modern Mediterranean residence was designed in 2016 by Ark4lab of Architecture.

Description by Ark4lab of Architecture

The single house “olion” is situated in an olive grove with olive trees planted in the beginning of the 16th century, in Thassos island. The L shaped residence, with its functional volumes distinctly separated, unfolds in two levels.The ground floor comprises the unified space of the sitting area and the kitchen, a wc and two bedrooms.The first floor contains the master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom.

The austere lines of the building contrasting its organic environment, creates a landscape
of relaxation and well-being.

Internal viewpoints and views are elements of the site displayed through a transparent and whitewashed interior, completing the special relationship between building and landscape.

The colour white, wood, large openings and the water element are used in order to enhance the architectural concept, creating clean surfaces and an environment that harmoniously embodies a bohemian luxury.

In a continuation of the interior, several semi-outdoor spaces, transitional or not, constitute an important living area characterised by its immediacy of the olive grove and the water.
All outdoor activities take place around the swimming pool, with signalling and lighting elements made of local earthy materials. Internally, earthy hues, natural materials, unified clean surfaces and ethnic objects contribute to the spatial personality, while keepingmits aesthetic purity intact.

Photography by N. Vavdinoudis, Ch. Dimitriou

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- by Matt Watts

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