Located in San Marino, this contemporary two-story house was designed in 2014 by ARCHINOW!

ETF Home by ARCHINOW! - 1
ETF Home by ARCHINOW! - 2
ETF Home by ARCHINOW! - 3
ETF Home by ARCHINOW! - 4
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Description by ARCHINOW!

ETF_Home is a private residence for a couple of Banker, born from the desire to create an intimate and comfortable nest, in which they connect to their own “self”, beyond a frenetic and very busy working life. The tension created between the landscape overlooking of Valmarecchia and the century-Old Oak tree on the site produce volumes developed according to an “L” scheme. In addition this connection between volumes creates a protected courtyard space near the borders, so jealously conceal internal functions, which in turn open with large windows that look toward the central patio. A stone platform that weaves comb in the lawn goes down to the pool rich of water features for time relaxing. The main floor of the house, bright and suspended, come to life from the ground, laid on a solid foundation covered in stone “a spacco di cava”. At the main bedroom, the sleeping area is extruded up to frame the existing century-old oak.

As well as the exterior, the interior is characterized by a formal rigor and are drawn in great detail. The search for a constant dialogue between materials and finishing, is played on subtle contrasts: smooth and rough, shiny and matte. Brass is burnished, the durmast floor and ceiling is naturalized “zero gloss”, teak in the spa is a cutting saw and stone is a volcanic origin stone.

Project guidelines: balance between full and empty spaces, light and shadow to create a place of emotional exchange between body, mind and soul. Simple connections as a result of a deep reflection.

Photography by Giovanni De Sandre


- by Matt Watts