Industrial Apartment by Suma Architektow

This industrial apartment located in the Polish city Krakow, was designed in 2017 by Suma Architektow.

Description by Suma Architektow

The apartment is located in the industrial district of Cracow called Zabłocie. The district has recently become one of the most popular living areas for young and creative people.

Our task was to make typical two bedrooms apartment more stylish, spacious and extraordinary. We wanted to refer to the place where the apartment is located by suggesting an industrial style. We also maximized the open space to get a Loft alike feeling. Bright interiors seem to be much bigger, then they really are. Bathroom and bedroom where designed to be fitted in minimum space and at the same time be fully functional. All materials were picked to look honestly and naturally. We choose concrete floor, concrete wall cladding, painted ceramic brick, oldered wood and porcelain tiles. Materials are supposed to create raw and industrial character of the apartment. They are also eco-sustainble at the same time. Basic color palette is greyscale with additional accents such as red SMEG fridge, mint tiles or red poster. Details such as bar counter, lamp above counter and shelves where designed by SUMA Architektów and made by local craftmen especially to this project. Furniture was carefully selected to fit in and not to dominate the interior. Designing this apratment was quite difficult but gave us also a lot of fun.

Photography courtesy of Suma Architektow

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- by Matt Watts

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