True Blue Terrace by Nexus Design

Located in Melbourne, Australia, this modern single family house was completely redesigned Nexus Design.

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Description by Nexus Design

We streamlined a Victorian terrace into a machine for modern family living. Every millimetre was considered meticulously, resulting in a vast and spacious ambience. A portable work space, play space, toy storage, and changeable dining space: all designed to be highly functional with intense colour and repetition of pattern.

Simplicity, function and good design were our brief and two existing furniture pieces that set the standard for our selections. We used black & white on fixed fittings which referenced historic black and white tiles of the renovated terrace and also new sleek black, white and timber architectural palette. This morphed it into black and white stripes, Hound’s-tooth and ‘Puppytooth’ fabrics. The main living area has an intense family of blues, from navy to three shades of sky blue, a direct reference to the framed sky view as seen from the front door. A purple over scaled Houndstooth custom rug grounds the living area and links to the Jacaranda tree. We added blackened timber joinery to the invite-only library space and a round, swivelling sofa in velvety burnt orange on a circular rug, the nourishing, private heart of the home where bedtime stories are read, parents collapse with a book or snuggle by the fire in winter. The client’s curved Arco lamp, uses true to its design purpose and reduced the need for down lights. The essence of modern working life is found in the folding desk which allows work to take place where the sun or silence is found.

Our interior decoration of the compact spaces synchronizes perfectly with the contemporary and period architecture and enhances and maximises flow and flexibility. Selections were made to last, designed to endure and stay appealing far into the future. Quality of design and manufacture was key. Textiles combine natural and synthetic fibres for high wear and durability. Pattern and colour were selected with purpose and meaning in mind. The clients were open to an alternative style of dining & working at home. The dining table was designed to seat the children on high chairs for every day. We designed an additional table top, easily stored for regular entertaining. The ‘study’ is the Flexible NesTable by Vitra, which offers exactly that, a flexible desk solution. Collapsible for storage, the client is able to move the ‘office’ around the house, working in to coordinate with a young family’s movement during a day.

Our approach was deliberate, considered and anything but superficial. We studied how our clients live and what tools they needed to live simply and well. We selected furniture items and used them in accordance with their designer’s original purpose – for example, the circular Amoenus sofa by Maxallto rotates 360 degrees allowing the user to enjoy the four aspects of the library space, and the Arco lamp functions, as intended, as overhead lighting to reduce the need for downlights. The result is a house of future living; less was more in this house.

Photography by James Geer

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- by Matt Watts