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Residence C.A. by W&Li Design Studio

Designed in 2017 by W&Li Design Studio, this inspiring apartment is located in Taiwan.

Description by W&Li Design Studio

A space is appealing because it carries a variety of possibilities in life, presenting infinite imagination to users. This project integrates the space, culture, and art into one unity. The space transforms from the original vessel that carries life to imagination that can change life. We hope to shorten the distance between these elements and people. By integrating media and characteristics involved in various fields to create awareness and experience of spatial esthetics, we help people living in this city to gradually strengthen and consolidate their autonomous pursuit of the environment and life.

Design operation:

As our eyes flow with the wavy, lengthy metallic painting, accepting it as a prelude, bright and broad urban landscapes jump out. Moving further forward, we see the next scene abruptly. Our sensors perceive a bright-to-dark scenic framed view. The depth of the space and its relationship with the person inside begin to show delicate transitions along with different proportions of divisions, hues, and textures. The ceiling with large numbers of mirrors extends the space in gradient stacking layers. While the person moves inside the space, the space is cut into scenes of dramatic chapters, revealing serene shading and lighting from the cracks of slices in longitudinal and horizontal dimensions. Prussian blue interwoven with sparse gold and copper wires in every corner in the room connects the space as a whole. Entering into this space is like walking into a painting, experiencing life full of unlimited and magical imagination.

Photography courtesy of W&Li Design Studio

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- by Matt Watts