White Stripes Apartment by Gosplan

Designed in 2017 by Gosplan, this beach style apartment is located in Camogli, Italy.

Description by Gosplan

This holiday flat is situated in the old fishermen village of Camogli, a famous vacation destination near Genova.

The apartment is at the first floor in a tall building with depicted façades, a Ligurian typical construction. The building is situated at the border of the historical centre, with an open view towards the sea.

The house is arranged all around a large living space with two windows open towards the horizon. Behind the gray wall there are two bedrooms, connected to the living room by two original reused doors. The other two sides of the living room are bordered by a huge, white, L-shaped closet that contains all the house facilities: a guest wardrobe, a toilet, a bookshelf, a pantry, a fridge, an oven and a cellar.

This solution allowed to free the living area from all the technical furniture, usual in the kitchen area, arranging it behind a variable sequence of hinged doors made with white vertical planks.

The original wooden ceiling was brought to light, restored and white painted to point out the brightness of this space.

In order to respect this original ceiling, the lighting system is integrated into the “L-shaped closet”: a continous light stripe is hidden at the top of the closet, to enlight the ceiling.

All the furniture is custom made by carpenters.

Photography by Anna Positano

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- by Matt Watts