Voltaire by Sabo Project

Located in Paris, France, this modern industrial apartment was designed in 2017 by Sabo Project.

Description by Sabo Project

The apartment is located in a 1920’s industrial building of Paris’ 11th arrondissement. The initial space of square proportions is stripped down to raw concrete. The sole addition of a central island is enough to define a variety of spaces, entrance, main living space, dressing, horizontal and vertical circulations, without the need for any wall or partition.

The rough ceiling runs continuously throughout the apartment while a looping circulation establishes a subtle gradation between the main space and the more private areas.

The island cladding consists of 40 aluminum sheets that are custom punched, folded, anodised and mounted on a metal structure. The manipulation of perforated shutters provides the potential for many light and privacy scenarios.

Photography courtesy of Sabo Project

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- by Matt Watts

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